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Call 911 if you experience:

- Difficulty breathing
- Uncontrollable bleeding
- Debilitating pain

Post-Operative Instructions:

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Preventing Post-Operative Constipation 

Important Points to Remember Following ANY Surgery

Be sure to CALL 911 if you are experiencing an emergency, including difficulty breathing, uncontrollable bleeding, and/or debilitating pain.

Be sure to call the office if you experience:

  • Fever: Any temperature reading of 100 degrees farenheit or higher.
  • Constipation: Anything lasting more than three (3) days where over-the-counter solutions have been ineffective. Over the counter methods we recommend include: A stool softener and/or milk of magnesia (MOM). Be sure to follow any and all on-package instructions.
    Remember: Pain medication can cause constipation.
  • Drainage: White, thick drainage or bright, red drainage from your incision site.
  • Redness: New or increased intensity of redness or increased surface area of redness surrounding incision site.
  • New Onset Pain: Any increased or new pain.
  • WHEN YOU CALL: You will be transferred to "our clinical staff line. You may have to leave a message. Be sure to give your name, date of birth, operating physician & date of surgery (if applicable), and any drug allergies you may have if requesting a prescription.

Normal Findings After Surgery

  • You will have pain. Everyone's pain tolerance is different.
    • For minor and laparoscopic procedures it is normal to be very sore three to four (3-4) days after your surgery. Each day thereafter, your pain should improve. So, for example, your pain should start to improve (lessen) by day four (4).
    • You may receive a prescription for pain medication. Be sure to use it if you need it, but remember not to drive while on pain medication.
      • Constipation is very common. If constipation results, start using over-the-counter stool softeners and/or milk of magnesia (MOM) before calling the office. Follow the instructions on the package(s).
  • You WILL NOT be 100% right away. Everyone's activity levels are different.
    • You will not feel like getting off the couch for a few days. This is normal.
    • Your surgeon will let you know about specific restrictions, but in general:
      • You should not do any strenuous exercise for six to eight (6-8) weeks unless directed otherwise. No lifting over 10-15 pounds. For example, a gallon of milk weighs 8 pounds.
      • You may walk as much as you want (unless otherwise directed).
      • Use your best judgement when deciding on activities. IF IT HURTS, DO NOT DO IT. It is natural to be sore the day after strenuous activities.
  • Your incision site(s) will be red and may drain.
    • In general, you can remove dressings and shower after TWO (2) FULL DAYS following your surgery, unless otherwide directed.
      • The dressings may be removed more easily in the shower, when the tape is wet.
      • DO NOT remove the small strips of tape ("steri-strips") that may be present UNDER your bandages.
    • DO NOT soak healing incision site(s), for example, in a bath, hot tub, or swimming pool.
    • Clear to light pink/red drainage is normal for a few days after surgery. You may apply loose dressings to stop any drainage from soiling clothing.


  • Call the office for a follow-up visit one to two (1-2) weeks after your surgery. This is when we check your incision site(s) and remove stitches and/or drains, if necessary.
  • BE SURE TO RESUME any medications that were halted for the surgery when prescribed BY YOUR SURGEON.
  • The office is open for questions or concerns Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8-4pm. For after hours issues, call the Medical Exchange at (314) 364-5362.
  • If you are experiencing an emergency at any time, CALL 911.







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