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Call 911 if you experience:

- Difficulty breathing
- Uncontrollable bleeding
- Debilitating pain


Post-Operative Instructions:

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Tips for Safer Surgery (Courtesy of the Surgical Care Improvement Project Partnership)

Important Forms & Instructions

General Wound Care - Patient Instructions Profore - Patient Instructions
PolyMem - Patient Instructions MRSA (Staph) - Patient Information
Triad Hydrophilic Paste Instructions

Our surgeons are Fellows in the American College of Surgery (ACS). The ACS website offers a wealth of knowledge about specific surgeries, including: benefit and risk analysis, anatomy involved, the disease process, & how the operation is generally done. For more information, as well as the most recent, please visit https://www.facs.org/education/patient-education

Caring for Your Surgical Drain

Cleaning Your Wound

Packing Your Wound

Dressings and Bandaging

Post-Operative Instructions

Every surgical wound is different. Please refer to the information given to you when you scheduled your surgery or specific post-op instruction sheets for your particular surgery. In general, we usually recommend:

  • If you do not have a drain, you may shower 2 full days after your surgery. Remove the dressings/band aids, if present, but leave steri-strips on, if present.

    • If you have tape directly on your skin (steri-strips) under your gauze dressing, leave those on and do not remove them. They will fall off on their own after post-op day #7-10.

  • The sutures used in your surgery are likely self-dissolving and should not need to be removed. If after a few weeks you notice suture at your incision(s), call the office to have them removed.

  • If you have a drain in, you will not be able to shower until the drain is removed. This is removed in the office. The doctor will tell you when this should be removed. You will call the office to make that appointment with the nurse practitioner or surgeon. To be removed you must be draining less than 30 ml of fluid in a 24 hour period.

    • Please empty the drain at least twice a day and record your output. After emptying, be sure to squeeze the bulb tightly to collapse it before placing the cap to ensure there is suction. You do not need to save the fluid for your surgeon.

    • You may clean around the drain and surrounding area with a wet, soapy washcloth. If you are wearing a binder, remove the binder and clean your skin. You may apply a clean t-shirt between your skin and the binder when re-applying.

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